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Home Styling tips from our In-House Designers!

Home Styling tips from our In-House Designers!

This week we have asked the team from Design at South Planks to narrow down their essential styling tips, to help you achieve the signature modern, rustic South Planks style in your home!
  1. Mix your materials
Mixing materials introduces depth into your design and builds unique character straight into the foundation of a room. Stone or Porcelain tiled flooring paired Reclaimed Timber wall cladding or ceiling beams is a great place to start. Why not layer with some antique looking metal accessories for even more eye-catching detail.
  1. Stick to warm, neutral colour schemes
Lean into welcoming, natural, earthy tones, such as warm terracotta or forest green. Pair with classic white, cream, and black neutrals and compliment other textures in your design.
  1. Natural textures are best
Our designers love styling with jute rugs, woven baskets and rattan chairs to pick a few! Effortlessly adding texture and rustic charm to your space.
(Extra tip: Woven baskets are also a great way to incorporate more storage without compromising the aesthetic finish, perfect for busy, family households!)
  1. Incorporate Reclaimed Items
If your main focus is to introduce distinctive features in your home, then don’t shy away from reclaimed materials! Also great for restoration projects, and a much more sustainable choice.
  1. Don’t forget Lighting!
Mixing lighting styles, from wall lights, chandeliers, and floor lamps, help to create the right atmosphere in your home. Our designers recommend opting for warm white light for cosy spaces and cool tones for bright open spaces.
We hope you find these tips useful! We love to see your South Planks styled spaces over on Instagram, why not tag us in your next post for a chance to be featured on our page!
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