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Top 5 Reasons to Shop Reclaimed Timber

Top 5 Reasons to Shop Reclaimed Timber

1 Unique & Full of Character

The original & rustic look of reclaimed timber cannot be replicated from new or man made materials.

2 Strong & Durable

Old timber has been exposed to many changes in humidity and weather conditions meaning that it is far more stable and able to better handle the wear and tear of everyday life.

3 Environmentally Responsible Choice

A renewable resource that reduces the impact on the environment and landfill waste whilst decreasing the demand for newly-harvested timber.

4 Versatile

Reclaimed timber can be used for many internal and external projects such as furniture making, flooring, doors and wall cladding!

5 Rich in History

There is an element of history behind all reclaimed timber and each has its own story to tell. This reminds us that everything in life has its cycle and lets us keep the past alive and is sure to create a talking point within your home.

South Planks Top Reclaimed Timber Picks


Our Reclaimed Poplar Barn Siding boards are perfect if you are looking to add some timber with a unique character and history to your home. Barn Siding is reclaimed from century old barns and farm buildings across the vast plains of America that are dilapidated or no longer in use. After years of exposure to the elements, these boards have been coloured and weathered to their surroundings, thus creating a look and texture which cannot be replicated, with no two planks being the same!

Rich with history, the timeless beauty of our Reclaimed Barn Siding timber is unmistakable and a rare material that will provide an interesting talking point within your home.


Our Various Pine Boards have been cut from reclaimed Pine beams and feature a rough sawn finish. A sustainable choice for any home as this timber has been considerately sourced and is a reclaimed material. From rustic doors, custom furniture making, flooring and wall cladding. These boards are the perfect option for any rustic modern home and will add character to any interior or exterior project.

Due to the reclaimed nature of the product it means that signs of previous use such as markings, colour variation and cracks are expected. This only adds to the character and uniqueness of the product and helps to keep its history alive.

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