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Haulage (UK Standard)

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For the seamless delivery of small to medium-sized items, we collaborate with renowned nationwide delivery companies such as FedEx and Royal Mail. These partnerships ensure timely and efficient deliveries to our valued customers.

For larger, bulkier items that require palletized delivery, we employ specialized pallet couriers. Our pallet couriers must operate in the following manner for all pallet deliveries:

  • Kerbside delivery service only.
  • The driver is not authorised to carry goods up or down steps or through a property.
  • The delivery driver will be able to wheel the pallet with a pallet truck as far as possible but is not able to remove goods from the pallet or take the pallet away.
  • Whilst the drivers are instructed not to take their vehicles off the roadway to make deliveries, our driver will make every effort with your delivery to meet your requirements.
  • If you require the driver to leave the roadway, it will be at your own risk.
  • Deliveries can only be made on hard, even ground, not slopes.
  • Make sure we know about any road restrictions: height, weight, no parking, narrow lanes, or pedestrian crossings or anything else.
  • All deliveries are made in accordance with the RHA conditions of carriage.