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Protect Your Home This Winter!

Protect Your Home This Winter!

Unfortunately here in the UK the winter months are bound to bring the cold, rain and snow. It is important to ensure your outdoor materials are taken care of, so they stay in top condition ready for the following Summer! Not only will this improve and maintain the aesthetic of your stone but sealants will also help to keep the quality of the stone in tact.

Introducing Eco Stone Shield, your stone savior during the winter months! Available in store and online now, and suitable for use on a wide range of stones, so we have you covered.

Eco Stone Shield: Stone Cleaner

This effective solution works to remove heavy spills of oils, fats, dirt and grime, without any solvents! Plus it is fast acting and simple to use on a variety of materials including: sandstone, marble, terracotta, and concrete to name a few, without altering the aesthetic appearance.

Eco Stone Shield: Moss and Algae Remover

This high performing ecological product, has been designed to remove organic and microbiological contaminants from porous surfaces. When moisture finds its way into the substrate, something that will happen often during the colder months, moss and algae build up over time. Moss & Algae Remover works to break it down on a molecular level, ensuring a deep clean, restoring it to it's original quality easily. 

Eco Stone Shield: Colour Enhancer

This is the perfect all round product for those wanting to bring some life back to their driveways, patios or garden spaces! This product enhances the natural colouring of a variety of stone types. As well as providing a protective seal, preventing natural and accidental staining in the future.

Eco Stone Shield: Stone Sealer

Our stone sealer is a non-film-forming impregnating treatment, meaning that the treated surface remains breathable and moisture repellent. It is exceptionally easy to use and can be applied in one simple easy sealing treatment, not to mention it is environmentally friendly, non-hazardous and safe to use around children, pets, plants and aquatic life.

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