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3 Easy Steps to Bespoke Industrial Shelves

3 Easy Steps to Bespoke Industrial Shelves

Industrial Shelves are a huge trend right now and it’s so easy to create your own! From Chunky Farmhouse inspired shelves to modern, Scandi inspired shelves keep reading for all you need to know to about your next DIY!

Customer Creation: Industrial Shelves in shade ‘Dark Oak’

STEP ONE - Select your scaffolding boards!

Step one, of course, starts with selecting your timber! Whilst we have a wide array of different timbers, for these shelves we recommend Reclaimed Scaffold Boards! They a great versatile, strong and durable material, and are available in two thickness’ 38mm and 60mm allowing you to get the perfect look.

Shown above, Reclaimed Scaffolding Boards - L:180cm x W:22cm x D:60mm

STEP TWO - Sand and wax the timber!

The next step is sanding your boards down smooth ready for the application of finishing wax. We recommend Briwax to seal and protect the wood. They also provide coloured stains making it easier to obtain your desired shade.

Search 'Briwax' above!

STEP THREE - Secure it to the wall!

The final step, once your shelves are all dry, is selecting your brackets. We have a wide range of brackets to suit all styles, from floral ornate designs to simple sleek brackets.

Search 'Brackets' above!


Still need some extra inspiration? See the Scaffold Board ideas we’ve been loving recently over on our Pinterest.
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Don’t worry if DIY isn’t for you! We sell Industrial Shelves ready made to your length and colour preferences.

See below our 90cm Industrial Shelves in Jacobean.

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