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Change the way you work from home!

It is no surprise, that if your workspace is tidy and uncluttered, you perform better and essentially feel more positive and productive.

Update your 'working from home' area to create a fresh, new space - allowing concentration and ideas to flow!
Let us help inspire your new space with our reclaimed wood cladding, stone cladding or wall paint.

Reclaimed Pitch Pine

Our customers are doing 'working from home right'! We love this look! Featuring our Reclaimed Pitch Pine.

Our Pitch Pine is £30.00 per m2 and comes in 125mm wide and 150mm wide.

Our Pitch Pine has been very popular over the last few months. Although Pitch Pine is classed as a soft wood, it has hard wood strength, making it the perfect timber type to work with.

Our 'New Face Pitch Pine 150mm' is still reclaimed, cut from reclaimed beams, however has a 'new' fresh cut face.

Reclaimed Pine Cladding

Another great rustic cladding look in this customer's home office!

Our Reclaimed Pine Cladding is a softwood, making it easy to install! The mixed widths and lengths add to the overall rustic finish. The boards are supplied unfinished, leaving the imagination to you!

Leave unfinished, sand, stain, paint!

£28.80 per m2.

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