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5 Reasons to Use Porcelain Paving

Choosing the right type of paving can be a tough decision. There is aesthetics, versatility and price to factor in. You take all these into account when choosing the right paving. At first glance, porcelain might sound like a delicate material. It is synonymous with the ancient Chinese ornaments. But, porcelain paving is in fact strong and stylish. It has a wide range of benefits which make it ideal for you to use in your next project. In this article, we provide five key reasons to choose porcelain paving when fitting a patio. Quartzite Grey Porcelain Paving
1. Simplicity 
Porcelain paving has a sleek and smooth surface. This means there is no need for any specialist equipment to clean it. No need for any special washers, professional help or extra products. There is no need to use a sealant with porcelain. Compared to other natural stones which need protection, porcelain is non-porous. So no matter the mess, all that you need is a little elbow grease and a mop. This is due to how porcelain is made. To make a porcelain tile, sand and feldspar are added to create a dense material. This makes it strong but more importantly, less absorbent. This makes the tiles more stain resistant and easier to maintain. So easy, that all it needs is a quick wash a couple of times each year. A paving material like this is a dream come true to us here in the UK.
2. Durability
Porcelain paving slabs are very durable thanks to their synthetic properties. The process of making porcelain is long but rewarding. Their toughness comes from the manufacturing process. This involves heating materials to extreme temperatures up to 1400 celsius. Once the material is hot enough, it turns into a glass like material. It is then allowed to cool which makes it very dense. It becomes so tough that industrial diamonds cut and shape the porcelain into tiles. As a result, it is a very durable paving option as it does not break easily. An added benefit is that it doesLondon Graphite Porcelain Pavingnot fade in sunlight. This means it will look good all year round for years to come.
3. Safety 
Paving can often be difficult to navigate in winter. As the cold months come, frost and ice can form on top of your paving. This causes a hazard as it becomes slippery. Porcelain tiles are slip resistant, thanks to them not being water absorbent. This means they are a great material to use alongside swimming pools and patios. This safety measure means it is a safer choice than other stones which do not have similar qualities. Porcelain paving slabs are also more hygienic. This is due to their resistance to algae build up thanks to it not being water absorbent. This means it can be safer to use around poolside areas than other traditional materials.
4. Timeless 
When purchasing a tile, you want something that will stand the test of time. Not only does it have to be durable but it must stay on trend. Porcelain slabs have a sophisticated and cool appearance. They do not change with the trends. Other materials such as Sandstone have continuous variations in popularity. The brilliance of porcelain means it will maintain its appearance as well as its style. Who doesn’t want to easily maintain a stylish patio? 
5. Variety
Porcelain paving is versatile in its design. It has a printed design which can have a large variety of patterns. Some can be made to look like rare earth elements or minerals. Others look like it is made from timber. With this amount of variety, it means there is a porcelain print which will blend with your project or environment. There is no end to the effects which your porcelain tiles can have. These include marble, wood, fabric, cement and stone.
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