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The Differences Between Types of Wood

The Differences Between Types of Wood

The Differences Between Types of Wood

There are many different types of timber you can use in your home projects. These range from reclaimed foreign timber to new sawn British timber. They all have slight differences and uses. These are important to know for planning your next renovation. Some suit external use whilst others are better suit making furniture. Read more to find out which timber you should be using for what. 

Siberian larch is otherwise known as Larix Sibirica. It is a species of larch native to western Russia. These trees are close to the Finnish border and have been a common resource for hundreds of years. Siberian larch has a few qualities that make it excellent for construction projects. It has natural rot resistant properties. This makes it ideal for external use in environments which get damp and cold. It is also used for load bearing structures as it is less likely to weaken in certain conditions. As such, posts, poles, railroad sleepers and mine props are often made from Siberian Larch. Siberian Larch cladding is also common in construction projects. It is affordable due to it being fast growing and light coloured. It works well in a lot of home environments. 


One of the most known timbers is oak. A descendant from the Beech family, oak is durable and strong. It also has a long history in world construction. It is a wood which is very resistant to insect and fungal attack because of its high tannin content. Oak has beautiful grain markings making it excellent for structure or furniture making. Oak is a desirable material for its history in construction and storage. It is for alcohol flavouring as well as for smoking food. Oak boards are ideal for making furniture. They provide stunning and sturdy qualities. It is also seen as a luxury building material as it takes years for oak to grow. Reclaimed oak boards are a more affordable and sustainable alternative to new oak. 

Pitch Pine or Pinus Rigida, is a small to medium sized pine. Native to America, you can find pitch pine used worldwide for construction projects. It has a high resin content meaning it is slow to decay. This allows shipbuilders and mine makers to use it. It is also able to grow in unfavourable growing conditions. Pine boards are invaluable for several reasons. It is an affordable option compared to oak as well. This is because it grows quicker yet provides similar visual properties. It is also shrink and swelling resistant. This means it is unlikely to change in conditions with changing humidity. It is also a versatile and flexible material. 


Walnut wood or juglas regia, is a common walnut found in Britain. Walnut has a deep brown colour tone and features an attractive wood grain. This makes it an appealing wood for furniture as it creates a rustic and warm aesthetic. Walnut is also very resistant to wear and tear. This is due to its density, which allows it to withstand all major household traffic. Due to its dark colour, it stains and polishes well. It is sought after wood for furniture such as cabinets, dressers and tables. It is also used for flooring and ornaments.  

Sitka spruce or picea sitchensis is a large coniferous, evergreen tree. It is a species of wood native to Alaska. Nowadays, you can find it  throughout America and Britain. It is a popular timber thanks to its strength-to-weight ratio. It is even used for instrument construction as it is an excellent conductor of sound. Due to these properties, it has a remarkable history. The Wright brothers used it to build the planes which they flew. It is an affordable choice of timber as it is easy to grow, cold-hardy and drought tolerant. It is light, soft and flexible.

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